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Leverage the Azure CLI with these examples

Inlägg på 13 mars, 2017

Cloud Developer Advocate, Cloud and Enterprise

Customer response to our CLI has been great since the preview release last September and the GA announcement in February. This has been a great opportunity for us to work with customers and learn what is working well and what is still needed. Some of the feedback we’ve received is that we need to provide more documentation and examples to fully leverage all the new features.

Based on this feedback, we’re delivering samples for Linux and Windows VMs, Web Apps, and Azure SQL Database, all of which can be found on this overview page. For Linux VMs, we’re highlighting best practices for creating, monitoring, and troubleshooting, with similar scripts for Windows VMs. For Microsoft SQL Azure, we get you started with scripts for creating single and pooled databases. For Web Apps, we show you how to create a Web App with integration to your favorite deployment method (git, GitHub, Docker, etc.) as well as configure, scale, connect to resources, and monitor your Web Apps, all from the command line. Here’s an example that creates an Azure Web App that is ready to deploy code from GitHub:

Create app sample (2)

All of the example scripts can be used in the CLI “as is”, and also as documentation to help you understand how to develop your own scripts.

You can also get started with the CLI using the rest of our updated docs and samples, including installing and updating the CLI, working with Virtual Machines, creating a complete Linux environment including VMs, Scale Sets, Storage, and network. The Azure CLI is open source and on GitHub.

We’re continuing to provide updates based on your ongoing feedback, so please share any suggestions you may have. Reach out with suggestions or questions via StackOverflow using the azure-cli tag, or email us directly at azfeedback@microsoft.com.