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How to Use Windows Azure Blobs and CDN to Deliver Adaptive Streaming Video

Inlägg på 2 augusti, 2010

Steve Marx just posted a great overview about how to use Windows Azure Blobs and the Windows Azure CDN to deliver adaptive streaming video content in a format compatible with Silverlight's Smooth Streaming player. For those of you unfamiliar with Smooth Streaming, he also explains what it is and how it works and points to a great article, "Smooth Streaming Technical Overview" by Alex Zambelli for an even deeper dive.

You can get all the details in Steve's blog post.  If you want to dive right in and start hosting Smooth Streaming content in Windows Azure Blobs, check out the Adaptive Streaming for Windows Azure Blobs Uploader project on Code Gallery, a command-line tool and reusable library for hosting adaptive streaming videos in Windows Azure Blobs.