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Inlägg av: Elliott Hamai

Writing a Site Extension for Azure Websites

den 9 september 2014

The Azure Websites site extension feature allows developers to essentially write “apps” that can be run on an Azure Website to add administrative functionality to it. These extensions can also be…

Software Engineer, Azure Websites

Web Deploy 3.6 Beta Released

den 11 augusti 2014

We're happy to announce that Web Deploy 3.6 Beta is now available for download. This release adds new enhancements for: Support for publishing ASP.Net vNext web applications Command line and API…

Software Engineer, Azure Websites

Web Deploy as a site extension

den 30 juni 2014

In the latest version of Azure Websites, we have enabled a new Web Deploy endpoint which lives as a site extension on each customer’s site.  If you’re not familiar with site extensions, they’re…

Software Engineer, Azure Websites