Announcing NEW Windows Azure Platform Introductory Special - Includes 750 Free Hours of Windows Azure Extra-Small Instance and More

Inlägg på 22 februari, 2011

It's no secret that the cloud is opening up new opportunities for developers to create never-before-seen application experiences, improve existing applications and generate new revenue streams. The Windows Azure platform was made with developers in mind. It allows developers to use their existing .NET, Java and PHP skills to develop, test and deploy compelling and innovative applications without worrying about the backend infrastructure and other operational constraints.

Recognizing all the doors that the cloud opens for the developer community, we continue to look for ways to make it even easier to get started. For those developers who have yet to experience what it's like to build and deploy applications on the Windows Azure platform, we're unveiling a new Introductory Special offer as part of the Cloud Power campaign

The upgraded Introductory Special offer now includes 750 free hours of the Windows Azure extra-small instance, 25 hours of the Windows Azure small instance and more, until June 30, 2011. This extended free trial will allow developers to try out the Windows Azure platform without the need for up-front investment costs.

To see full details of the new Introductory Special and to sign up, please click here.   To see a list of all offers, please visit the offers page.