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Announced at WPC11: Windows Azure Marketplace Powers SQL Server Codename “Denali” to Deliver Data Quality Services

Inlägg på 13 juli, 2011

Yesterday at WPC11 in Los Angeles, we announced CTP 3 of SQL Server Codename “Denali”, which includes a key new feature called Data Quality Services. Data Quality Services enables customers to cleanse their existing data stored in SQL databases, such as customer data stored in CRM systems that may contain inaccuracies created due to human error.

Data Quality Services leverages Windows Azure Marketplace to access real-time data cleansing services from leading providers, such as Melissa Data, Digital Trowel, Loqate and CDYNE Corp.  Here’s what they have to say about Windows Azure Marketplace and today’s announcement:


“Technology that works seamlessly is what customers expect today", said Martin Turvey, CEO and president of Loqate. “Loqate provides global address verification that provides that seamless integration across 240 countries. Our new agreement with Microsoft to provide Loqate products and services through the Windows Azure Marketplace enables our joint customers to easily access our industry-leading technology. The integration with Windows SQL Server makes achieving the business benefits of accurate address verification and global geocoding quicker, faster, and easier.”


“Instead of requiring our customers to connect to CDYNE data services from scratch which can take days, Microsoft has made it easy for everyone by including the ability to use Data Quality services right from within SQL Server leveraging Windows Azure Marketplace", said William Chenoweth vice president of Marketing and Sales, CDYNE Corporation.

Digital Trowel

“These are valuable services that update and enhance customer and prospect data using Digital Trowel’s award-winning information extraction, identity resolution and semantic technology. The breadth, depth and accuracy of Digital Trowel’s data goes well beyond what is currently available in the market”, said Digital Trowel CEO Doron Cohen. “Easy access to these powerful services is made directly from SQL Server Data Quality Services, and also through the Windows Azure Marketplace."

Melissa Data

"We’re proud to be a part of Microsoft’s Windows Azure Marketplace,” said Bud Walker, director of data quality solutions for Melissa Data. “Now data stewards can initiate powerful address verification, standardization and correction routines with a few clicks of the mouse.”