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ADP and NVoicePay Power E-Payments For More Than 18,000 Car Dealers Worldwide with Windows Azure

Inlägg på 16 december, 2010

ADP Dealer Services has partnered with NVoicePay, a Portland, Oregon based software provider, to help their mutual clients eliminate paper invoices and checks with an integrated electronic payments solution powered by the Windows Azure platform.

NVoicePay estimates that paying invoices manually ends up costing about $3(US) per check; for dealerships that opt into this program, transaction costs can be reduced to less than 40 cents.  This could amount to $25,000 - $250,000 in savings per year, depending on the size of the dealership.

The NVoicePay solution relies heavily on Silverlight to provide a user interface for a client application that supports customer payment submissions, a vendor sign-up portal, and all internal systems, as well as a Windows Phone 7 interface to allow financial controllers to quickly approve pending payments and check payment status.

On the back end, the solution is implemented on the Windows Azure platform, which enables it to integrate easily with a range of existing systems and provides the massive scalability essential for a growth-stage business. According to NVoicePay, the use of Windows Azure enabled its payment network to go from zero to nearly $50 million in payment traffic in a single year. 

Check out the full press release here to learn more.