Обновления Azure

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    Август 2018

    8 авг

    Обновление .NET Framework 4.7.2 для приложений Службы приложений Azure

    Постепенное развертывание обновления .NET Framework 4.7.2 для приложений Службы приложений Azure запланировано на сентябрь 2018 г.

    Июль 2018

    16 июл

    Batch services and advanced routing services for Azure Maps

    New features and batch services are available for Azure Maps. They support the needs of large-scale enterprises with high volumes of concurrent users, along with users who need advanced functionality.

    Февраль 2018

    26 фев

    Центр приложений Visual Studio

    Центр приложений Visual Studio объединит несколько служб, которые широко используются разработчиками мобильных приложений, в единый интегрированный продукт. Вы сможете быстро создавать, тестировать, распространять и отслеживать свои мобильные приложения, а затем без труда добавлять серверные облачные службы, чтобы по запросу масштабировать приложение для миллионов пользователей.

    Январь 2017

    20 янв

    Azure Mobile Apps iOS SDK v3.3.0 released

    Today we are releasing the Azure Mobile Apps iOS SDK to CocoaPods and other online properties. This is a drop-in replacement for the existing SDK.

    20 янв

    Parse Server on Azure App Service updated

    The Parse Server project has moved on since we first published the Marketplace resource for running Parse Server on Azure App Service. Parse Server has been updated to version 2.3.0.

    Декабрь 2016

    6 дек

    General availability: Mobile Apps SDKs for Apache Cordova and JavaScript

    We released the Mobile Apps SDK for Apache Cordova v2.0.0, and the Mobile Apps SDK for JavaScript. This completes the suite of mobile platforms that the Mobile Apps feature supports.

    Октябрь 2016

    12 окт

    Mobile Apps .NET SDK 3.0.2 released

    Version 3.0.2 of the Azure App Service Mobile Apps .NET SDK has been released for people who are upgrading from version 2.x to get support for Android Nougat.

    Сентябрь 2016

    20 сен

    Mobile Apps: Supporting IPv6 and the Apple submission process

    Apple announced that all apps submitted to the iOS App Store for review must support IPv6-only networks, but your app submissions will likely work just fine under certain conditions.

    Август 2016

    18 авг

    Azure Mobile Apps SDK for Apache Cordova reaches RC1

    The Azure Mobile Apps SDK for Apache Cordova is now at v2.0.0-RC1. This version includes better handling of conflicts for offline sync, plus bug fixes.

    18 авг

    Parse Server available in all regions

    The Azure Marketplace template "Parse Server on managed Azure services" has been updated. You can now deploy Parse Server in all Azure regions.

    12 авг

    Introducing a quicker Mobile Apps Quickstart

    You can use the Mobile Apps Quickstart to create a mobile back end more quickly than you can by using the traditional Mobile Apps process.

    Май 2016

    12 май

    Announcing Azure Mobile Services transition to Azure App Service

    We're transitioning from Azure Mobile Services to Azure App Service. While no action is required on your part, please note that the management experience will change. You can choose to migrate before September 1, 2016 or wait until Azure migrates you.

    Апрель 2016

    29 апр

    Mobile Apps iOS Client SDK v3.1.0 released

    An update to the iOS Client SDK for Mobile Apps contains a fix to Azure Active Directory authentication and switches the SDK to use WebKit instead of WebView.

    5 апр

    Parse Server on Azure managed services

    We've released a marketplace template for easy implementation of a Parse Server on Azure, integrating Azure App Service, Notification Hubs, Storage, and DocumentDB, with a site extension for the Parse Dashboard.

    Февраль 2016

    Октябрь 2014

    2 окт

    Updates to the Azure Mobile Services .NET backend

    Azure Mobile Services has recently released several updates to the .NET backend including the following: custom scopes for authentication providers, single sign-on for Windows Store applications, CORS for SignalR, and support for Web API 5.2.

    Август 2014

    21 авг

    General Availability: Mobile Services .NET backend

    Write your services using the power of ASP.NET Web API and your favorite .NET language.

    4 авг

    Azure SDK 2.4 and Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 are available for download

    Azure development tooling features include support for WebJobs publishing, Dev/Test environments for Mobile Services, Remote debugging for Virtual Machines, Emulator Express, and more.

    Апрель 2014