Azure SQL Databases to be encrypted at rest by default

Доступно сейчас Выпущена общедоступная версия.

Дата обновления: 31 мая 2017 г.

We'll soon encrypt all new Azure SQL Databases with Transparent Data Encryption by default to make it even easier for everyone to benefit from encryption-at-rest. The change in default will happen gradually by region. Anyone who wishes to leave specific databases unencrypted will still be able to do so by turning off Transparent Data Encryption after the database has been provisioned. Existing databases and databases created through restore, geo-replication, and database copy will not be affected by this change in default.

Azure SQL Transparent Data Encryption has been widely adopted by the SQL database community due to the encryption-at-rest protection it provides against unauthorized access to the database storage (data files, log files, and backups), the transparent nature (absolutely no application changes needed), and the low impact on workload performance.

To learn more about Azure SQL Transparent Data Encryption, please see:

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