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Episode 129: What's New with in Azure Storage incl the Import Export Service CORS JSON Read from Secondary

In this episode Chris Risner and Nick Harris are joined by Jai Haridas, Principal Development Manager and at Microsoft OpenTech and Aung Oo Principal Program Manager Lead. In this episode Chris and Jai and Aung demonstrate CORS Support for Blobs, Tables and Queues JSON Support for Tables Minute Metrics in Windows Azure Storage Analytics Read from Secondary: Read access to geo replicated storage Windows Azure Import/Export: enables you to move large amounts of your data into and out of Windows Azure Blobs. Transporting your data from your hard disk drives to Azure is simple and easy. It can be completed by using secure transport to our datacenter and Microsoft's high-speed secure internal network to transfer the data. Windows Azure Import/Export can move data in/out of Windows Azure Blobs much faster than uploading/downloading the data over the Internet. Currently, Windows Azure Import/Export is available for preview in the United States.

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