Call Graph API from a JavaScript Single Page Application (SPA) using Azure Active Directory v2 endpoint via msal.js

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How to run this solution

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Add your application registration information to your solution

  1. Go to the Microsoft Application Registration Portal to register an application
  2. Enter a name for your application and your email
  3. Make sure the option for Guided Setup is unchecked
  4. Click Add Platform, then select Web
  5. Add a redirect URL to your application's registration information. See below for how to obtain the redirect URL in Visual Studio
  6. Click Save

Visual Studio instructions for obtaining redirect URL using SSL

In Visual Studio, configure your project to use SSL, and then use the SSL URL to configure your application’s registration information using the instructions below: 1. In Solution Explorer, select the project and look at the Properties window (if you don’t see a Properties window, press F4) 2. Copy the value from SSL URL to the clipboard 3. Select the Project menu and then select {Project} Properties... (where {Project} is the name of your project) 4. Open the Web tab 5. Paste the value of SSL URL in the Project Url field 6. Switch back to the Application Registration Portal and paste the value in the Redirect URL as redirect URL, then click Save

Configure your JavaScript SPA application

  1. Open msalconfig.js file and replace Enter_the_Application_Id_here with the Application Id you just registered

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