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Примеры кода Azure

Узнайте, как взаимодействовать со службами Azure с помощью кода

714 примеры кода, соответствующие критериям поиска

Build a serverless web app in Azure

Code for first serverless web application tutorial

antchu Автор: Antchu,
Последнее обновление: 24.09.2018

Migrating an application from using ADAL.NET to using MSAL.NET

Demonstrate the migration of .NET applications fro AAD v1.0 (ADAL.NET) to AAD v2.0 (MSAL.NET)

jmprieur Автор: Jean-Marc Prieur,
Последнее обновление: 22.09.2018

Getting started with Service Fabric with Java

Getting started with Service Fabric with Java

vturecek Автор: Vaclav Turecek,
Последнее обновление: 21.09.2018

Developing a Python app using Azure Cosmos DB

Azure Cosmos DB is Microsoft's globally distributed, multi-model database service. This tutorial shows how to get started with the SQL API and the Python SDK.

arramac Автор: Aravind Krishna R.,
Последнее обновление: 21.09.2018

Calling Microsoft Graph from a web app using ADAL Python

A Python Web App calling the Microsoft Graph API, leveraging ADAL Python

abpati Автор: Ab,
Последнее обновление: 21.09.2018

Service Fabric Mesh Samples

Samples repository for Azure Service Fabric Mesh

mikkelhegn Автор: Mikkel Mork Hegnhoj,
Последнее обновление: 21.09.2018

Study Bot

Study chat bot app for students that allows school subject queries and returns relevant results

wiazur Автор: Winona Azure,
Последнее обновление: 20.09.2018

Face Finder

Find all local images that contain faces, information about these faces, and, optionally, only faces that match a specified person.

easyj2j Автор: John MacKenzie,
Последнее обновление: 20.09.2018

Content Reactor: Serverless Microservice Sample for Azure

This solution is a personal knowledge management system and it allows users to upload text, images, and audio into categories. Each of these types of data is managed by a dedicated microservice built on Azure serverless technologies including Azure Functions and Cognitive Services. The web front-end communicates with the microservices through a SignalR-to-Event Grid bridge, allowing for real-time reactive UI updates based on the microservice updates. Each microservice is built and deployed independently using VSTS’s build and release management system, and use a variety of Azure-native data storage technologies.

nzthiago Автор: Thiago Almeida,
Последнее обновление: 19.09.2018

Call Center First Contact

Call center "first contact" app that demonstrates speech-to-text, language detection, translation, emotion detection, and parsing for key phrases.

v-stadam Автор: Steve Adams,
Последнее обновление: 19.09.2018

.Net SDK samples illustrating the management and consumption of Azure Key Vault-managed storage account keys.

Samples demonstrating the usage of KeyVault-managed storage accounts.

dragav Автор: Dragos Avadanei,
Последнее обновление: 19.09.2018

Cognitive Services Python SDK Samples

Learn how to use the Bing Search Python SDK with these samples

lmazuel Автор: Laurent Mazuel,
Последнее обновление: 18.09.2018

Build a multi-tenant daemon with the Azure AD v2.0 endpoint

A web application that sync's data from the Microsoft Graph using the identity of the application, instead of on behalf of a user.

jmprieur Автор: Jean-Marc Prieur,
Последнее обновление: 17.09.2018

Manage Azure Container Instances

How to manage your Azure Container Instances using the Python SDK

kevinhillinger Автор: Kevin Hillinger,
Последнее обновление: 17.09.2018

Cognitive Services SDK Samples

This sample demonstrates how to use the bing search api using the azure-cognitiveservices-search package in node.js.

kirthik Автор: Kirthi Krishnamraju,
Последнее обновление: 17.09.2018


Azure Batch and HPC Code Samples

azure-samples Автор: Azure Samples,
Последнее обновление: 17.09.2018

Integrate Microsoft identity and the Microsoft Graph into a Xamarin forms app using MSAL

This is a simple Xamarin Forms app showcasing how to use MSAL to authenticate MSA and Azure AD via the converged MSA and Azure AD authentication endpoints, and access the Microsoft Graph with the resulting token.

jmprieur Автор: Jean-Marc Prieur,
Последнее обновление: 16.09.2018

Universal Windows Platform (UWP) application signing in users with Azure Active Directory B2C and calling an API

Sample showing how a Windows Universal Platform (UWP) application can sign in a user using Azure AD B2C, get an access token using MSAL.NET and call an API. http://aka.ms/aadb2c

jmprieur Автор: Jean-Marc Prieur,
Последнее обновление: 16.09.2018