Syntel, Inc.

Syntel, Inc.

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Syntel delivers Microsoft Azure solutions that provide an open, broad, and flexible cloud platform where applications can be migrated and developed quickly. Using a unique methodology for application hosting in the cloud that streamlines the onboarding process, we enable your business to more quickly resolve the challenges of provisioning IT services on-premises:

• Achieving sufficient ROI on IT investments
• Integrating data with existing systems
• Applying sufficient data security measures
• Exceeding internal data center capacity
• Controlling IT costs
• Managing and maintaining applications and hardware devices
• Enhancing end-user application and collaboration experiences

As a Microsoft Silver Cloud Platform Partner and a member of the Microsoft Azure Pilot Partner Program, Syntel is one of the first Microsoft partners to gain exposure to the newest Azure services. With this expertise, we deliver a range of cost-effective and easy-to-deploy cloud solutions:

Syntel Azure Solutions

• Cloud Strategy Roadmap: We help you determine which applications to migrate to the cloud by assessing their readiness for Microsoft Azure and then prioritizing based on cost and timeline. We also design a standardized application architecture to ensure scalability with your needs.

• Cloud Transformation/Migration: Our Cloud Code Analysis Tool provides an automated scanning engine to determine application compatibility with Azure. We then use our factory model process to migrate multiple applications to Azure while applying any required remediation measures automatically.

• Digital Enablement: A hybrid mobile application and back-end hosted on Azure enables responsive website design using open source technologies. The solution also includes analytics for trend analysis and selective marketing.

• Cloud Management: Using SyntBots for Microsoft Azure, we monitor applications and services as well as provision new applications and services seamlessly. The solution also integrates with your DevOps strategy.

In addition, our Azure-certified consultants offer rich cloud design and deployment experiences across diverse industries—including finance, insurance, manufacturing, and healthcare. This combination ensures maximum ROI when you migrate to the Azure platform.

Contact us to find out how we can help you reduce the total cost of IT and improve your business agility—by leveraging Syntel Microsoft Azure solutions.

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