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Robotron Datenbank-Software GmbH

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Robotron is an established and privately-owned software company that develops database-driven information systems. The entire software-lifecycle is covered starting with the first idea to the final support of the process. Robotron as a software vendor for high-performance industry solutions offers products, solutions and services for the utility sector, public administration and industry. Concentrated on modern technology, we offer consulting services, technical concepts, the realization of individual software solutions, implementation support and system set-up for our own products and partner products on-premise and in the cloud.
Manufacturing companies are consistently facing shorter product life cycles, constantly growing quality requirements and high competition. Therefore, flexible structures and processes, as well as standardized data for quick decisions, are needed to change from reactive to proactive processes. In this context we have successfully established unique selling propositions in the analysis of production processes. We have our own products for analytical optimization of production processes including forecasting software and a time series analyzer on the on hand and specialized knowledge in advanced energy analysis of production processes and in proactive service management of complex, production-related equipment and IT systems. Based on the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite, we offer a complete solution for data-driven process optimization. In this context the extensive technology portfolio of Microsoft is completed by interdisciplinary consulting, numerous proven analysis methods and a solution for industrial data collection (field gateway). Due to extensive experience and many years of industry knowledge Robotron offers its customers technical solutions know-how as well as advisory and coaching Services.

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