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Redeploy is a true born in the cloud company. We build, work, and use the public cloud for everything and every time. Our whole existence is formed around the Azure platform and its eco system. We see that the traditional hosting and outsourcing providers have had their day and cannot compete with the public cloud providers.

What we do?

We are the devs and ops in your cloud journey. Consulting is our bread and butter. We do architecture, design, migrations, automations, script and template coding, and all other dirty hands-on tech stuff. PowerShell, JSON templates and Azure REST API is the foundation of everything we do for the Azure ARM stack. Regardless of IaaS or PaaS, if you provide the code or application; we do the rest. If you want, we can even write the code for your application.

We deliver a way for you as our customer to take advantage of all the benefits that Azure provide. CloudOps and DevOps are a part of our daily agenda. As your partner we make sure everything runs smooth with daily operations and CI/CD.

What we are?

@Redeploy we have extensive experience in the IT industry as technical consultants, developers and admins from both the customer and supplier side.

Our consultants are certified in Microsoft Azure.

Redeploy is a Gold Cloud Platform Partner and a Tier-1 CSP.

Where we are?

Our office is in Stockholm but as a company working the cloud we can provide our services around the world.

What we think?

We love and are passionate about this and hope that we can do great things together with you.

Shoot us an email or call us!

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