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Project Leadership Associates (PLA) is pleased to offer a FREE Microsoft Azure Readiness Assessment for organizations interested in integrating Azure into their current virtualization or Private Cloud infrastructure. We ask that you fill out a simple questionnaire regarding your core on premises infrastructure and the PLA Team will conduct a one-day engagement following the plan below. We know that it’s tough for organizations to move completely to the public cloud,
so we focus on the hybrid solution, and use this assessment to identify key workloads that can be migrated easily to the cloud. We can help your organization start using Microsoft Azure by setting up a FREE trial as part of the engagement!

PLA will conduct a one hour environmental overview after the client questionnaire is complete. This session is key for PLA to understand what technologies are currently in place and how they are utilized based on the questionnaire that has been filled out.

PLA will conduct a one hour Azure strategy session for key business personnel.

PLA will conduct a one hour Azure technical workshop around IaaS, PaaS, websites, BaaS, DRaaS and StorSimple.

PLA will work with the Client team to provision an Azure account and build a test workload in Azure. If available, PLA will connect Azure to Client’s on premise infrastructure for validation.

PLA will work with the business and technical teams to identify business cases for hybrid cloud to develop a hybrid cloud migration strategy, including:
• Which tier 2 or tier 3 workloads can easily be moved to Azure IaaS with low impact to end-users to reduce CapEx?
• Are there benefits of having the ability to scale-out to the cloud for specific processing workloads?
• When conducting application development or software testing, where can CapEx be reduced when utilizing Azure?
• Can storage costs be reduced by utilizing Azure blob storage or backups?
• Can spend on disk or tape be reduced by utilizing Azure Backup as a Service?
• If utilizing Hyper-V 2012, how is failover between sites orchestrated today?

Draft strategic plan for hybrid cloud integration.

Present findings to business and technical teams and discuss next steps.

• Comprehensive migration strategy roadmap
• Estimated operational costs of running workloads in Azure
• Comparative ROI against current solutions

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