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Kloud Solutions

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Kloud is an award-winning IT services company offering public and private enterprises the best technical expertise and business acumen. Founded in 2010, we are passionate about delivering outcome-focused IT services that extract the benefits inherent in cloud-based technology.

Our solutions are focused on creating immediate and lasting business value. Kloud offers end-to-end services, including cloud strategy, implementation and managed services as well as expertise in building innovative solutions on the Microsoft Azure platform.

Kloud's Azure Platform Services delivers modern, distributed, computing applications for a broad range of web, device, and desktop experiences with secure, hassle-free, and flexible features. With Microsoft managing patching, hardware failures, and network issues, we can focus on our applications and customers don’t have to focus on their infrastructure.

Our Azure Infrastructure Services enables us to implement our customer solutions with the later flexibility of customers deploying them to cloud, on-premises, or a hosting provider. Azure is also the only cloud platform that helps us create, build, debug, run, and package our customer solutions with the development tools, such as Visual Studio and Visual Studio Online, which keep us agile, nimble, and responsive as a software development consulting business.

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