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For nearly 20 years, Imaginet has been helping businesses define, create, and build the tools they need to drive productivity and revenue. Our high-performance teams look beyond quick-fix development and installation. They work to understand your real-world environment and the demands on your applications and infrastructure to design truly customized software and integrated solutions.

Powering Productivity with Microsoft Azure
In many ways, Imaginet has been a pioneer in helping businesses capitalize on the speed, power, and extraordinary capabilities of the cloud. Today, as a Gold and Silver Microsoft Certified Partner, we continue to innovate by customizing Azure to augment or replace existing IT infrastructures. Companies rely on us for:

• DevOps Consulting Solutions—Our specialists can design, test, and deploy critical applications faster than you ever thought possible. You get a consistent development process that gives you greater automation, reproducibility, change control, and scalability while controlling costs.

• Application Development Testing—You get fast, easy testing of your apps with specially built or pre-created virtual machines and rigorous test environments. After successful testing, we can easily deploy the best good build of the application so you and your users can get started immediately.

• Cloud Identity and Federation Services—We can configure Windows Server Active Directory to run on Azure connected to your on-premises datacenter or cloud-based servers. Our team can also create separate AD domains that are part of the same forest, or create separate AD forests, connecting them with Windows Server Active Directory Federation Services.

As an industry leader in application lifecycle management, we can use our long-standing expertise with Azure and the Microsoft Visual Studio tool set to serve your unique needs and goals with a dedicated IT strategy. In fact, Imaginet was the first global Microsoft Partner of the Year in Application Lifecycle Management.

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