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For more than 10 years, Coretek Services has innovated and evolved IT consulting, designing and installing systems that add provable value and efficiency. Leveraging the latest technological advancements, we help businesses boost productivity, and achieve and sustain predictable and effective results.

As a Microsoft Gold and Silver certified partner, our team can configure Microsoft Azure to give you a powerful, differentiated cloud-based computing platform providing more speed, power, and reliability than you ever thought possible. We offer:

• “Born in the Cloud” managed services—Coretek Services can save you time, money, and effort by providing IT services designed solely to take advantage of the flexibility and scalability of the cloud. Your users will get an efficient, responsive experience in the office or on the go from any device. Moreover, your cloud-based architecture will be upgraded immediately as needed, so you are always using the latest technology. In addition, your systems and data are backed up in real time, and can be restored from anywhere.

• Application migration—Our specialists can design and implement a migration plan that moves and optimizes your software and data to a new cloud-based architecture. We can also configure your on-premises server architecture to deliver higher performance and draw on cloud-based resources for oversized workloads.

• Cloud bursting—As more and more of your applications and workloads onboard to the cloud, you may find that your computing demand spikes, or “bursts,” during certain periods. We can configure your system to draw from additional cloud servers, automatically and seamlessly adding power and capacity as needed.

You can expect a high level of capability and service from a team that boasts a number of experienced former Microsoft professionals with a proven track record of success. This experience means that we can tailor industry-specific solutions to your operations, giving you a tactical and strategic edge. You’ll be able to pinpoint and remove bottlenecks, increase efficiency, and create new business opportunities, all maximizing the return on your technology investment.

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