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Codec-dss provides services across the entire Microsoft ecosystem to organisations of all sizes. As a recognized Tier 1 Microsoft CSP Partner, we have extensive expertise in planning, development, implementation, and management of Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud environments. We can help you with your day to day IT Operations as well as Mission Critical applications such as ERP and CRM. We have over 90 highly trained consultants, who can assist you from initial scope and complete roll-out of your unique environment, to on-site training for your staff, and IT Teams. We have offices across Europe, including Ireland, UK & Germany.

Why to choose Codec-dss as your Cloud Partner
• A complete partner who has over 30 years of experience in the IT Industry
• Knowledge of how to join together the business and technology aspects of your company
• We are already a trusted partner for several high-profile clients
• A platform approach to your IT giving you an Integrated Solution with a single version of the truth
• Reduced initial investment – Your cost will be spread out over 12 months
• Faster deployment of new infrastructure – With Azure templates you can scale up quickly and easily
• Greater flexibility – In busy times you can turn on additional infrastructure and then turn them off when they are not being used

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