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BtB Software has years of experience and expertise in the design and execution of solutions that meet the complex needs of public health laboratories. As such, we are available for all aspects of consultation involving public health lab and LIMS (laboratory information management software) design. We recognize the essential ingredients required to make solutions nimble but feature-rich, and we pride ourselves on our deep industry knowledge, combined with development skills that include Microsoft Silver competency for Cloud Platform.

Customers can choose to deploy our solutions either in the Microsoft Azure cloud or on-premise, with the local client PC running either a RemoteApp (cloud version) or SQL express (on-premise) – all managed by the BtB team.

Our core solutions provide integrated public health LIMS, handling all the public health laboratory requirements, including HL7, billing, A/R, and epidemiology. Public health solutions are our core focus in providing solutions for:

• Compliance software (laboratory)
• Public health software (LIMS)
• Rabies laboratory software

Key features include:

• Multiple collection sites from providers
• Complete chain of custody, with multiple links for hand-offs
• Surge registration/priority Lists
• Track temperatures, sample condition and reason
• Notification of critical test results
• Ad hoc or invoice billing
• Optional links to Accounts/Receivable
• Paper worksheets with embedded quality control
• Print laboratory reports (slips)
• Search for results/stats/provider lists
• Secure log-in with tracking

BtB provides solutions to meet complex laboratory requirements, and we do so with confidence and experience of public health departments. We combine this with technical pride and excellence using Microsoft technology at the core and deployed on the Azure cloud platform (ensuring continuity and compliance) or on-premise, giving customers choice.

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