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Azure Webinar Series: Move to the Cloud with the Azure Migration Program

Join this webinar to learn how to accelerate your journey to the cloud with the Azure Migration Program. You’ll get an overview of the program, which provides expert advice and tools from Microsoft to migrate your workloads to the cloud.

Azure webinar series: The Total Economic Impact of Serverless Computing

Forrester Consulting has conducted extensive research and business analyses of enterprise companies that use Azure to run their serverless workloads. Register for this webinar to learn about the findings of the commissioned study, including the financial impact and top benefits of moving serverless computing workloads to Azure.

Azure webinar series: Eight New Product Innovations That Will Change the Way You Run SAP

For most IT leaders, updating enterprise resource planning (ERP) landscapes is key to staying at the forefront of technology and achieving their digital transformation goals. Register for this webinar to learn about eight Azure product innovations that will help you run SAP applications in an intelligent, highly reliable, and more secure environment.

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