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Azure webinar series: Ask Azure Experts How to Quickly Innovate at Scale with APIs

Join this webinar to participate in a lively, interactive discussion about how you can use Azure API Management to innovate with APIs. Ask Azure team members your questions and get answers—and demos—in real time.

Hands-on Training Series for Azure Synapse Analytics - Episode 5: Data Science and Predictive Analytics

Discover new Azure Synapse features to integrate predictive analytics capabilities into your organization—using both code-free and code-first options for AI/ML.

Azure webinar series: Learn Migration Best Practices for SAP on Azure

In this webinar, experts will share new resources and tools from Microsoft and SAP to help you migrate your SAP workloads to Azure. You’ll learn about the steps and actions that help ensure a smooth transition to the cloud.

Azure webinar series: New Innovations in Azure Virtual Desktop

In this webinar, we will explore the latest capabilities in Azure Virtual Desktop, previously known as Windows Virtual Desktop, and how they will help bring further innovation to your remote work strategy.  Learn how Azure Virtual Desktop is a flexible virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) platform that enables virtual desktops and apps, with new features including Microsoft Endpoint Manager support for Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session to help improve security. 

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