Как приобрести службу Azure для государственных организаций

Azure Government is available to purchase from an Azure Government licensing solution provider with no upfront financial commitment or directly through a Pay-As-You-Go online subscription.

Покупка через партнера по лицензированию

Licensing solution providers are advisors in how to procure and manage Microsoft licensing and cloud services. They understand the government cloud ecosystem and may have a history of your purchases, so they can work with what you have as a starting point for success. Talk with the person in your organization who manages procurement to find out which partner you may be working with already.

These partners understand Microsoft licensing options for Azure Government. They can advise you on the best procurement process for your organization and help you get started.

Licensing Partner Номер телефона Электронная почта
CDW-G 800-808-4239 GSASales@CDWG.com
Dell 855-860-9606 usasapfederalinside@dell.com
GovConnection 800-800-0019 fedcontracts@govconnection.com
HP 402-885-2874 slmsusfederal@hpe.com
Insight 800-862-8758 federal@insight.com
Minburn Technology Group 571-699-0705 Opt. 1 microsoft@minburntech.com
SHI 888-744-4084 Opt. 1 fedsales@shi.com
Softchoice 1-877-333-7638 gov@softchoice.com
Softmart 800-628-9091 govt@softmart.com


Azure для государственных организаций — это уникальный облачный экземпляр, предназначенный исключительно для государственных учреждений и их поставщиков решений. Это решение предлагается трем типам клиентов:

  1. A US government entity in its governmental capacity. For example:
    1. Federal agency (e.g. bureau, agency, department, or other entity of the US government)
    2. State/local entity
    3. Tribal entity
    4. Regional or interstate government entities (but no international entities)
    5. Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FERDCs)
  2. A partner using Azure Government to provide a solution that, for example:
    1. Provides services or solutions to US government customers through direct or indirect contracts
    2. Serves US government customers through GSA or other contract vehicles
  3. A commercial private entity with data that’s subject to regulations. Accepted government data types include:
    1. International Traffic in Arms (ITAR)
    2. Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI)
    3. Department of Defense (DoD) Unclassified Controlled Nuclear Information (UCNI)
    4. Department of Energy (DoE) UCNI
    5. Criminal Justice Information (CJI)
    6. Department of Defense Impact Level Data
    7. Other types of data that require Azure Government

An international commercial entity may qualify, though regulated data may be required to purchase the service through their US subsidiary.

Proof of membership in one of the groups listed above will be required for access to Azure Government.


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