Глобальная сеть Azure

Поддерживайте работу множества корпоративных и клиентских служб с помощью сети, отличающейся высоким уровнем доступности, безопасности и гибкости

  • Join one of the largest networks in the world, backed by decades of continuous investment.
  • Extend your reach across 54 Azure regions with speed and scale to meet your needs.
  • Trust the same resilient network infrastructure that supports Skype, Bing and Microsoft Exchange.
Карта глобальной сети Azure Карта глобальной сети Azure
  • Fastest connectivity from your datacenter to the cloud at 100 Gbps through Azure Express Route
  • Более 130 расположений с граничными узлами
  • 60+ global CDN (content delivery network) points of presence, bringing content closer to users
  • IP traffic stays entirely within our global network and never enters the public Internet
  • 100000 миль оптоволоконных и подводных кабельных систем

Надежная магистральная сеть для вашего бизнеса

Enable fast and scalable performance for all your apps and services. The Azure global network backbone connects hundreds of edge nodes and data centers to support massive enterprise and consumer services like Microsoft 365 and Xbox. Learn how we build it.

Fortify your systems with intelligent and adaptive security

Built on a sophisticated software-defined networking stack developed in collaboration with Microsoft Research and the open-source community, Azure rapidly predicts, emulates, and responds to issues and anomalies. Read about Azure network security.

Stay close to your apps and data for enhanced performance

Run your apps and services across Azure regions and global edge nodes that reach thousands of unique internet partners. Whether you access Microsoft cloud services via the Internet or a private connection, such as ExpressRoute, proximity to Azure helps you improve performance. All traffic entering the global network remains entirely within it, regardless of location.

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Run your apps on leading-edge innovation

The Azure network deploys updates reliably in hours. Encompassing hundreds of datacenters and thousands of switches, the network infrastructure is powered by Software for Open Networking in the Cloud (SONiC). This open-source switch operating system is developed to meet the requirements of a largescale platform like Azure and is supported by industry-leading vendors.

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