Выход Visual Studio 2017 и двадцатая годовщина

Обновления Azure

Azure Data Factory V2: visual monitoring added to public preview

19 окт – We are glad to announce the addition of Visual Monitoring capabilities for ADF v2 to our customers. With this release, you can easily monitor the data factory v2 pipelines without writing a single…

Azure Service Bus and Azure Event Hubs Geo-disaster recovery preview released

19 окт – The two long standing, well known and appreciated Azure Core Services (Azure Service Bus and Azure Event Hubs) just released a preview of an upcoming generally available Geo-disaster recovery feature. With the help of this feature, no client needs to manage Geo-disaster recovery scenarios anymore via code, but can instead rely on the services doing the metadata synchronization between two independent namespaces. At this time, data replication is not yet supported and will be added at a later (post General Availability) point in time.

Updates on Intel Xeon Scalable Processors for Microsoft Azure Stack

19 окт – Today we are announcing the validation of Azure Stack systems with the new family of Intel Xeon Scalable processors (“Purley”). With Azure Stack running on Intel Xeon Scalable processors...

Meet the Azure Analysis Services team at PASS Summit 2017

19 окт – Members from the Azure Analysis Services team will be presenting two sessions at this years PASS Summit 2017 in Seattle, WA. Members will also be available in the SQL Clinic to directly answer your…

Azure Event Grid now supports Event Hubs as a destination

18 окт – Azure Event Grid now allows you to send your events to an Event Hub. This will let you use stream processing tools and more services within Azure, as well as to keep a log of all your events, which you can replay at any time.

Присоединяйтесь к нам! Отпразднуйте с нами выход Visual Studio 2017 и двадцатую годовщину

9 фев – Среде Visual Studio исполняется двадцать, два десятилетия — это повод для гордости! Преодолев этот огромный рубеж, мы также рады поделиться с вами еще одной приятной новостью — Visual Studio 2017 будет выпущена 7 марта 2017 года.

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