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Video: Introduction to SQL Azure Data Sync

Опубликовано 29 октября, 2010

[This article was contributed by the SQL Azure team.]

In this session we will show you how SQL Azure Data Sync enables on-premises SQL Server data to be easily shared with SQL Azure allowing you to extend your on-premises data to begin creating new cloud-based applications.   Using SQL Azure Data sync’s bi-directional data synchronization support, changes made either on SQL Server or SQL Azure are automatically synchronized back and forth.  Next we show you how SQL Azure Data Sync provides symmetry between SQL Azure databases to allow you to easily geo-distribute that data to one or more SQL Azure data centers around the world.  Now, no matter where you make changes to your data, it will be seamlessly synchronized to all of your databases whether that be on-premises or in any of the SQL Azure data centers. 

View Introduction to SQL Azure Data Sync by Liam Cavanagh video from PDC 2010.

To learn more about SQL Azure Data Sync and how to sign up for the upcoming CTP, visit: