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New Forrester Report Outlines The ISV Business Case for Windows Azure

Опубликовано 12 июля, 2011

News from WPC11 this week has demonstrated that the partner opportunity with Microsoft has never been stronger.  Validating that opportunity, a recently commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, “The ISV Business Case For The Windows Azure Platform” found that software partners deploying solutions on Windows Azure are generating 20% - 250% revenue growth after nine to 14 months of operations.

Available for download here, the report examines the economic impact and business case for ISVs building applications on Windows Azure. To arrive at these findings, Forrester interviewed six geographically dispersed ISVs of various sizes who developed applications on Windows Azure. Key benefits for ISVs outlined in this report include the ability to:

  • Re-use existing code. The ISV’s were able to port up to 80 percent of their existing Microsoft code onto Windows Azure by simply recompiling it.
  • Leverage Windows Azure’s flexible resource consumption model. The ISVs tuned their applications to minimize Windows Azure resource usage and make it more predictable.
  • Reach completely new customers. Having cloud-based applications that could be offered globally allowed the ISVs to sell into new market segments and to geographically distant customers.

The report outlines how, with Microsoft as a partner, ISVs successfully moved their applications to Windows Azure, gaining access to new customers and revenue opportunities, while also preserving their prior investments in existing code, and leveraging existing development skillsets.  Download the report here to take a deeper look into the benefits of Windows Azure for ISVs.