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Flask on Docker with external PostgreSQL database

A simple Python Flask application running in a Docker container and connecting via SQLAlchemy to a PostgreSQL database.

The database connection information is specified via environment variables DBHOST, DBPASS, DBUSER, and DBNAME. This app always uses the default PostgreSQL port.

There are two releases of this app. Version 0.1-initialapp demonstrates a complete app, whereas version 0.2-migration introduces model changes and a database migration.

Download one of the releases then build and run in Docker locally via:

docker build -t docker-flask-sample .
docker run -it --env DBPASS="<PASSWORD>" --env DBHOST="<SERVER_HOST_NAME>" --env DBUSER="<USERNAME>" --env DBNAME="<DATABASE_NAME>" -p 5000:5000 docker-flask-sample

The app can be reached in your browser at


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