Preços de Cloud Shell

Cloud Shell billing is based only on the Azure File storage used to persist your data. Your total cost depends on how much you store, the volume and type of storage transactions and outbound data transfers, and which data redundancy option you choose. See how they compare in the "Data Redundancy Options" section. By default, Azure Cloud Shell creates a locally-redundant storage (LRS) account on your behalf with an Azure File share. For Bash, this share will also contain a 5-GB disk image.

For more information, see Azure File Storage Pricing.

Support & SLA

  • Free billing and subscription management support.
  • Flexible support plans starting at $29/month (Note: Microsoft support does not include support for Linux images in the Azure Marketplace, though in some cases Linux publishers offer support per the plans above). Find a plan.
  • Cloud Shell is a free service; therefore, it does not have a financially backed SLA itself. The availability of Cloud Shell is based on the SLA of the underlying storage and virtual machines used. Please see the Storage SLA and Virtual Machines SLA for more details.


  • Yes. Unmounting your Azure File storage from Cloud Shell does not delete the underlying resources and you will continue to incur costs until you delete them.

  • Cloud Shell creates three resources on your behalf in the supported region that’s nearest to you:

    • Resource group: cloud-shell-storage-<region>
    • Storage account: cs<uniqueGuid>
    • File share: cs-<user>-<domain>-com-<uniqueGuid>
  • Yes. If you use both Bash and PowerShell, Cloud Shell attaches the same Azure File share.


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