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Moving your business into the connected world

Empired has a long history in developing real-time, integrated, connected systems for customers. Traditionally these solution involved complex technology combinations and required considerable investment in licensing, infrastructure and labour to design and implement. Cloud computing has completely changed the economics of these connected systems – the “Internet of Things” – enabling businesses to have greater operational awareness and enjoy the power of predictive analytics. Typical benefits of Internet of Things solutions include:

Operational efficiency

Preventative maintenance

Safety and regulatory compliance

Remote monitoring

Asset tracking


With Microsoft’s Azure IoT Suite you can harness the data across your business by connecting your things, the people, processes and assets already in your business. With Azure IoT Suite you can start small by focusing on key areas that will return the most benefit for your business. You can expand your connected solution as and when you are ready knowing that it will scale from hundreds to thousands to millions of things; your return on investment starts immediately and grows as your solution grows.
Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s platform for building and deploying cloud-based applications, delivering organisations on-demand computing and storage capabilities, all of which are hosted in Microsoft’s data centres.

Empired has been closely aligned with Azure since before its release, and has been involved globally in Azure training, design and delivery.


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