Convergence Consulting Group, Inc.

Convergence Consulting Group, Inc.

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Descrição geral

CCG is a Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Company focused on delivering Analytics in the Cloud specifically in the areas of Azure SQL Data Warehousing, Data Lake Analytics and Machine Learning.

Our business intelligence experts can help your organization implement reliable, secure dashboards and scorecards that deliver real-time key performance indicators and visual analytics on a single, consumable canvas.

DESCRIPTIVE ANALYTICS: We use data aggregation and data mining techniques to reveal what has happened in different areas of your business, so you have a full picture of your organization and can focus your energy on improving performance.

DIAGNOSTIC ANALYTICS: We use drill-down, data discovery, data mining and correlations to monitor performance and provide actionable information to craft remediation strategies for underperforming areas of the business.

PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS: We use statistical models and forecasting to predict how your business could perform in the future based on past performance, so you can make key decisions that propel you forward.

PRESCRIPTIVE ANALYTICS: We use optimization and simulation algorithms to prescribe a solution for how your business can improve moving forward, so you know exactly where to deploy your resources.


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