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Descrição geral

Cognizant ensures effective database management for its client’s databases using Microsoft technologies, with services ranging from database rationalization to data archival and lifecycle management. The services coupled with Cognizant’s partnership with Microsoft through the Safe passage program offers customers with the best quality services, utilizing best-in-class techniques and approaches.

Cognizant also offers cloud computing services in SQL Azure that involves but is not limited to setup and configuration, database design and database sharding, database migration, implementing and managing security, reporting, and business intelligence on SQL Azure databases.

Cognizant’s Factory Framework for large scale data migration and database version upgrade
Cognizant has devised a factory model that accelerates data migration and database version upgrades of a large number of databases.

Cognizant Migration/Version Uplift Factory – How does it create a difference?
- Dedicated Quality Gates for complete assurance of the output from individual assembly lines.
- Usage of DoD Migration Cookbook ensures repeatability and scalability of the migration/uplift process.
- Automated reporting for program board through Factory’s information repository and Process Control dashboard.
- Embedded estimation templates enable automated estimation and planning of resource and infrastructure for each assembly line, in advance.
- Embedded in-house accelerators to facilitate further productivity gains.

Cognizant’s SQL Factory Framework
Cognizant has delivered multiple database development engagements where rapid development, short time windows and large volume of developments have been consistent characteristics and success criteria. To deliver such engagements, Cognizant’s team has developed SQL development factory – an accelerated method of design, develop, modify, test & review database development in a factory based delivery model.
Benefits of SQL Development factory
• Cost-effective and efficient delivery model to generate productivity gains per Stored Procedure/SQL development
• Ability to serve multiple projects/business lines simultaneously
• Repeatable framework ensures standardized and express development
• Ability to retain diverse skill sets across multiple database technologies

Cognizant’s various in-house database tools have been utilized in project executions, which has brought desired results.

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