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Citrix Systems, Inc.

Citrix Systems, Inc.

O perfil Citrix Systems, Inc. não está disponível em Português. As informações de serviço estão disponíveis no English (US).

Descrição geral

Citrix NetScaler on Microsoft Azure is a L4-L7 virtual networking appliance that ensures organizations have access to secure and optimized applications and assets deployed in the cloud.

Deploying applications and services in the cloud
Cloud networking is about leveraging cloud services to enable your IT to work more effectively and efficiently and with greater agility. Organizations require a cloud networking solution that optimizes their environment for high performance to achieve an always-on, always-secure foundation and application flexibility. In addition, they need the ability to balance compute load and manage traffic, with granular visibility into application performance and control for reliable application delivery.

Why NetScaler
NetScaler is a virtual application delivery controller (ADC) that provides the flexibility to
establish a networking foundation that adjusts to the changing needs of an environment. It
provides an interface between multiple applications across your on-premises resources and
those deployed in your cloud environment.


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