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Everyone's journey to the cloud is different. Arraya Solutions focuses on the foundational infrastructure and security components of Azure to make sure that you are set up for success from the beginning.
With several competencies, including Gold Cloud Platform, Gold Datacenter, Gold Cloud Productivity and Silver Enterprise Mobility Management, we have the breadth to build a holistic hybrid cloud solution for your company.
We have a range of offerings and can provide custom services no matter where you are on your journey.
• Azure Everywhere IaaS - This education session is a great place for IT to start seeing how to operate a cloud solution including, network, virtualization, storage and more!
• Cloud Readiness Assessment - If you've played around with the cloud, Arraya's Azure Readiness Assessment can help you identify both workloads and operational efficiencies and evaluate your company's digital maturity, making actionable recommendations that go beyond IaaS and into real business needs.
• OMS Everywhere - IT needs to manage Digital Transformation and OMS has the tools to monitor and manage both on-premises and cloud workloads, including insights into security, analysis, and health checks.
• Azure Site Recovery or Azure Backup Services - More and more companies are scrapping their co-lo DR sites due to cost and migrating to the cloud. We can help design, implement, manage and test a robust DR solution, recovering to Azure.
• EMS Services - As companies move to Office 365, they are looking for ways to secure identities, devices and content. Arraya can help navigate the security controls across AADP, Intune, AIP and Cloud App Security as part of your overall solution.
• Azure Migration Services - If you are already well down the path, we can help you speed your deployment to Azure, ensuring all components are redundant, performing well and secure.
• Azure support through Arraya - Even after you have workloads in Azure, Arraya can provide on-going Tier-1 CSP support through our Managed Services.


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