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Taking the Fear Out of Commitment; New Offer For the Way You Build in The Cloud

Publicado em 27 setembro, 2012

General Manager, Microsoft Azure

Customers tell us that the only thing they know for sure is that their needs will change over time. As they tune and grow their applications they find they need more of one thing and less of another.  Current commitment offers in the market tempt customers with sizable savings on specific services or instances but require a crystal ball for usage and wipe out potential savings when needs change.

Today, we are changing this with a new purchase option which rewards usage and does not penalize you as your needs evolve.  This new purchasing option provides savings of up to 32 percent vs. Pay As You Go base prices across all services regardless of how much you use on any single service.      

The larger commitment you make, the more you save across all services. The table below highlights the savings by commitment tier.

Monthly Commitment


$500 to $14,999


$15,000 to 39,999


$40,000 and above


Moreover, you can get an additional 2.5% discount on purchasing a 12-month plan and another 2.5% on electing to pay for the entire commitment up front for a total of 32% at the highest commitment level.  

Check out this quick video overview of the new offer:

If your resource usage exceeds the level provided in your commitment plan, there’s no penalty, you just pay the Pay As You Go rate as you would normally for the extra usage.    You may increase the monthly commitment amount at any time from the account portal without increasing the term length. This change will take effect in the subsequent billing cycle after the change is made. If the new monthly commitment falls under a higher discount tier, then the new discount rate will also take effect in the subsequent billing cycle. This offer does not apply to the purchase of products and services from Marketplace or any third-party provider and cannot be combined with other discount offers.  For more details please visit the purchase options page.

The commitment offer is a great way to enjoy savings on all of your Windows Azure services and avoids long term commitments on any one particular service.  Additionally it provides a simple, one click agreement, discounts that apply across all Windows Azure service usage, and the ability to select payment via credit card or through an invoice. 

We appreciate your feedback and are pleased to deliver this offer as part of our commitment to provide the best overall value in the industry.  If you have questions or would like to upgrade your existing subscription to one of these purchase options, please contact us.

- Steven Martin, General Manager, Windows Azure Business Planning