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Open Source and Linux on Azure with the Azure black belts (Skype session)

Publicado em 3 outubro, 2016

C+E Azure Architect, Global black belt

Join us for OSS Fridays with the Azure global black belts! Microsoft loves Open Source and Azure is fantastic platform for both Windows and Linux based workloads.

This session is for customers, partners, and Microsoft employees to learn more about transformative Open Source/Linux based solutions in Azure. This is a bi-weekly session and will start at 11:00 am EST/8am PST. Sessions will follow the format outlined below.

Typical agenda

  • The journey and importance of Open Source for Microsoft and our customers
  • Technical workload spotlight of the week (i.e. containers, big data, HPC, etc.)
  • Partner spotlight
  • Open Q&A

Agenda for December 2, 2016

  • Recent updates around Microsoft's commitment to Open Source
  • Azure Quick start templates built by Partners available
  • Red Hat in Azure Partnership & Engineering Updates
  • Workload spotlight:  Apache Cassandra NoSQL Database
  • Partner spotlight: Pythian and DataStax:  Managed Cassandra running in Azure
  • Q&A

Please invite your colleagues and customers to learn more.  Calendar invites can be dowloaded here: