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Just Announced: June 2011 CTP of the Windows Azure Plugin for Eclipse with Java

Publicado em 24 junho, 2011

The June 2011 CTP (Community Technology Preview) of the Windows Azure Plugin for Eclipse with Java is now available for download. This plugin is intended to help Eclipse users create and configure deployment packages of their Java applications for the Windows Azure cloud.

Key features include:

  • Windows Azure project creation wizard
  • Helpful project structure
  • Sample utility scripts for downloading or unzipping files, or logging errors in the startup script when running in the cloud
  • Shortcuts to test deployments in the Windows Azure compute emulator
  • Ant-based builder
  • Project properties UI for configuring Windows Azure roles (instance count, size, endpoints, names, etc)
  • UI for easy remote access configuration for troubleshooting purposes, including ability to create self-signed certificates NEW
  • Schema validation and auto-complete for *.cscfg and *.csdef files NEW

To learn more about this plugin, including download instructions, please read the blog post, “Building Java applications on Windows Azure gets easier with the new version of the Eclipse plugin” on the Interoperability @ Microsoft blog.