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Imagine Cup 2011 Finalists Tap Windows Azure to Help Solve the World's Toughest Problems

Publicado em 7 abril, 2011

Microsoft created the Imagine Cup nine years ago with the idea that students can and will change the world. This worldwide competition brings together the best and brightest technology students from more than 100 countries to apply their creativity and imagination to solve the world's toughest problems in areas such as education, environment and health care and others.

The theme of this year's contest is: "imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems" and, for the second year in a row, many teams have built their projects on the Windows Azure platform to speed development and enable seamless scalabilityAs noted in the blog post, "Imagine Cup Technology Trends: To the Cloud", one half of the 10 Imagine Cup U.S. Software Design finalists' projects utilize Windows Azure.

Check out the project descriptions and videos to see how Imagine Cup participants are using the Windows Azure platform to solve the world's toughest problems and vote for your favorite on Facebook.  One of these Software Design finalist teams will go on to compete against teams from around the globe at the worldwide finals in New York July 8-13, 2011.  Voting ends April 9, 2011.

To learn more or get involved:

  • Read more about the Imagine Cup 2011 theme: "Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems"
  • Create an entry with real-world impact with the Imagine Cup Solve This library.
  • Sign up to compete in the Interoperability Challenge, Round 1 ends April 27, 2011.
  • Get inspired by reading Imagine Cup Success Stories.
  • Stay up-to-date with Imagine Cup News.