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Don’t Miss Scott Guthrie’s Series of Blog Posts On Windows Azure

Publicado em 23 fevereiro, 2012

As Corporate Vice President in Microsoft’s Server and Tools Business, Scott Guthrie oversees the development of several key Microsoft technologies, including Windows Azure.  Scott recently started publishing a series of posts on his blog that dig into what you can do with Windows Azure and how to get started.  They include some great information and links; check them out if you haven’t already done so. His first two posts in this series are - 

  • Post 1 – Windows Azure links to an on-demand video of Scott’s keynote and includes an overview of Windows Azure from the ‘Learn Windows Azure’ online event.
  • Post 2 – Getting Started with Windows Azure covers how to sign-up and get started with Windows Azure using a no-obligation 3 month free trial offer.

Scott is also on Twitter and often tweets quick updates and interesting links about Windows Azure, follow @scottgu to be sure you get his updates in your Twitter feed.