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Ingest data from Apache Cassandra, Salesforce and Data Management Gateway 2.0 release

Publicado em 19 julho, 2016

Senior Program Manager, Azure Data Factory

New connectors available: Apache Cassandra and Salesforce

We are continuously working on enriching the breadth of connectivity for Azure Data Factory, and today we are excited to announce the availability of two new connectors: Apache Cassandra and Salesforce. With this release, you can leverage Azure Data Factory to ingest data from these two data stores to a variety of data stores. See list of all data sources and destinations in Azure Data Factory: supported data stores.

You can now leverage the intuitive Copy Wizard to set up your data movement from Apache Cassandra and Salesforce in minutes.


For details of the two connectors, refer to Cassandra and Salesforce.

Data Management Gateway 2.0 release

The Data Management Gateway is an agent, installed on-premises, that works to enable hybrid data transfers between the cloud and an on-premises environment. We are now very happy to announce Data Management Gateway 2.0 release. In addition to the new connectors, in this release we have improved troubleshooting experience of gateway in following ways:

Show status in a prominent place

Data Management Gateway now shows its status in a prominent place on the home page of the configuration manager and it provides intuitive suggestions on actions you can take to bring gateway back online.

As illustrated in the screenshot below, the gateway host service is stopped and right below the status you can click “Start Service” link to start the host service.


Send gateway logs to Microsoft

In cases you have gateway issues and you need to contact Microsoft Support, you may be asked to share your gateway logs. The release of the gateway allows you to easily share required gateway logs through two button clicks on gateway configuration manager. Capabilities of this feature include:

  • Send gateway logs of the last seven days to Microsoft on your demand


  • Provide a report ID to quickly locate your logs when contact Microsoft Support


Archive gateway logs on gateway host machine

There are some scenarios where you have gateway issues and you cannot share gateway logs directly:

  • When users manually install the gateway and register the gateway
  • When users try register the gateway with a regenerated key on configuration manager
  • When users try to send logs but gateway host service cannot be connected

In such cases, you can save gateway logs as a zip file and share it when contacting Microsoft support later.

Learn more  about how to use the capabilities and related guidance. To get these new troubleshooting capabilities, download and install the most recent gateway if you have not already done so.

We will continue to add more connectors and enhance Data Management Gateway to better integrate on-premises data sources with Azure Data Factory. If you have any feedback on the above capabilities, please visit Azure Data Factory User Voice or MSDN Forums and share your thoughts with us. We are eager to hear from you!