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Containers in production with Marathon v1.0

Publicado em 24 março, 2016

Senior Program Manager, Azure

One of the core principles of Azure is customer choice, and when it comes to running containers in production the Azure Container Service (ACS) offers a choice of best-of-breed open source container orchestrators, all supporting the Docker image format as well as popular tools and APIs. You can install and run these orchestrators using Azure Virtual Machines, but we think you’ll find Azure Container Service a much better choice.

The Azure Container Service, currently in public preview, offers a choice of open source solutions for container orchestration either Mesosphere’s Marathon (with Apache Mesos) or Docker Swarm.

Today we’re highlighting Mesosphere’s Marathon, which just reached its version 1.0 milestone and is part of Mesosphere’s Datacenter Operating System (DCOS). Marathon 1.0 integrates with Apache Mesos on the Azure Container Service to deliver a complete enterprise-grade solution for container orchestration. The version 1.0 milestone recognizes Marathon’s production-readiness after years of development and significant technical enhancements, installed at many large enterprises, running a wide variety of workloads.

Marathon 1.0 combines with Azure’s enterprise grade cloud infrastructure to support:












To get started, learn more about Marathon, try the Azure Container Service and watch my video introduction from AzureCon, below: