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Changed Limit on the Number of Applications Per Windows Azure Subscription

Publicado em 23 março, 2010

When we launched Windows Azure commercially last month, we allowed customers to deploy twenty applications per subscription. Each application in Windows Azure is mapped to a specific DNS name and assigned a public IP address from the Windows Azure IP range. After analyzing typical usage patterns, we have decided to lower the limit of Windows Azure applications to six per subscription in order to better serve all customers equally. This new policy goes into effect today.

If you need more than six applications, you can contact Windows Azure Support to request an increase. You can also create additional Windows Azure subscriptions, each of which will allow you to create up to six applications.
If you have an existing Windows Azure subscription with more than six applications, your applications will continue to run uninterrupted. However, if you delete one of the applications, you will not be able to create a new one until the total number of applications you have falls under six.