Use Spark Structured Streaming with Apache Spark and Kafka on HDInsight

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This example contains two Jupyter notebooks that demonstrate the following operations:

  • Stream-Tweets-To-Kafka.ipynb: Loads tweets from Twitter into a Kafka database.
  • Spark-structured-streaming-from-Kafka.ipynb: Uses Structured Streaming to load tweets stored in Kafka.

Note: This example requires Spark 2.1, which is available in HDInsight 3.6. The Spark and Kafka clusters must also be in the same Azure Virtual Network. To create a resource group containing all the services needed for this example, use the resource manager template in the Use Spark Structured Streaming with Kafka document.


This notebook uses DStream, and it only exists as a convenient way to get tweets into Kafka.


This notebook uses Structured Streaming to load tweets from Kafka and apply a schema onto the JSON data structure. This allows you to select individual fields from the data.


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