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Data Lake Analytics - Using Azure PowerShell to get input and output paths of a U-SQL job

Última atualização: 06/12/2017
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This script returns a list of input or output paths of a Data Lake Analytics U-SQL job. These paths can be any combination of U-SQL catalog paths, WASB file paths, or ADLS file paths.

Included script


  1. Install Azure PowerShell on a Windows machine
  2. Open a new PowerShell session.
  3. Log in using Login-AzureRmAccount -SubscriptionId <SUBSCRIPTION-ID>

How to run the script

  1. Copy the contents of the sample script to a new local file called Get-AdlJobIoPath.ps1
  2. In PowerShell, navigate to the folder containing the script.
  3. Run Get-AdlJobIoPath.ps1 using the syntax below.


.\Get-AdlJobIoPath.ps1 [-Account] <string> [-Id] <Guid> [-Direction] {Input | Output}


.\Get-AdlJobIoPath.ps1 -Account contosoadla -Id c3426e86-85f5-4521-b376-e4b3e8d32d8c -Direction Output


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