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Cognitive Services: LUIS Programmatic SDK Console Application Sample

Última atualização: 20/12/2017
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A simple console that showcases how the SDK can be used to create and customize new LUIS apps.


The minimum prerequisites to run this sample are: * The latest update of Visual Studio 2015 or 2017. You can download the community version here for free. * A account where to upload the sample's LUIS model.

How to run this sample

The first step to using this sample app is to get your Programmatic Key. Go to the home page,, and log in. After creating your LUIS account, a starter key, also known as a programmatic key, is created automatically for LUIS account. To find the programmatic key, click on the account name in the upper-right navigation bar to open Account Settings, which displays the Programmatic Key.

Once you get the programmatic key, edit the appsettings.json file and update the attribute placeholders with the values corresponding to your Key and Azure Region.


Once the app is running, you will see two main options: * Start new LUIS app wizard: This option guides you through a wizard to create a LUIS application that shows some capabilities of the SDK. You can create apps based on three different scenarios: * Greeting App * Retail App * Booking App

  • Manage Apps: This option allows you to work with your LUIS applications. In this page, you can:
    • View information about versions, intents and entities from apps in your account
    • Train and publish any app's version
    • Clone, import and export any app's version
    • Delete apps

More Information

To get more information about how to get started in Bot Builder for .NET and Conversations please review the following resources: * Language Understanding Intelligent Service * * LUIS Docs * LUIS Programmatic API v2 - Specification * LUIS Programmatic API v2 - Documentation