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Getting Started with Batchai - Manage Batch AI - in Java

Azure Batch AI sample. - Create Storage account and Azure file share - Upload sample data to Azure file share - Create a workspace an experiment - Create Batch AI cluster that uses Azure file share to host the training data and scripts for the learning job - Create Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit job to run on the cluster - Wait for job to complete - Get output files

Please note: in order to run this sample, please download and unzip sample package from here: https://batchaisamples.blob.core.windows.net/samples/BatchAIQuickStart.zip?st=2017-09-29T18%3A29%3A00Z&se=2099-12-31T08%3A00%3A00Z&sp=rl&sv=2016-05-31&sr=b&sig=hrAZfbZC%2BQ%2FKccFQZ7OC4b%2FXSzCF5Myi4Cj%2BW3sVZDo%3D Export path to the content to $SAMPLE_DATA_PATH.

Running this Sample

To run this sample:

Set the environment variable AZURE_AUTH_LOCATION with the full path for an auth file. See how to create an auth file.

git clone https://github.com/Azure-Samples/batchai-java-run-batchai-job.git

cd batchai-java-run-batchai-job

mvn clean compile exec:java

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