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Expedition Cloud: Inside Microsoft’s Cloud Migration and Application Development Journey

Learn how Microsoft planned and implemented an effective app modernization strategy

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Publicado: 31/05/2018

With business applications as the backbone of any organization, staying competitive requires app modernization—and that means migrating to the cloud. Yet at every phase of the journey to the cloud, companies face difficult and daunting decisions. 

Microsoft is no different. Since 2011, teams at Microsoft have been using both open source and Azure technologies to pursue cloud adoption and modernize the company's large, complex, and diverse application portfolio. To help other companies navigate the cloud migration journey, Microsoft has documented its process in the e-book Expedition Cloud: Microsoft’s Cloud Migration and Application Development. 

Read the e-book to get detailed guidance on how Microsoft planned and implemented its app modernization strategy. By following real-world examples from Microsoft’s cloud migration journey, you’ll learn to:
  • Assess your applications to create an application portfolio that identifies when each app should be targeted for migration.
  • Understand the five different migration approaches: rehost, refactor, rearchitect, rebuild, and replace.
  • Choose the best migration approaches for your application portfolio.
  • Create appropriate migration solutions.
  • Evaluate business impacts and apply lessons learned from the Microsoft experience.