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Deliver innovation faster with simple, reliable tools for continuous delivery

Whether your DevOps implementation is just beginning or you’re looking to integrate with your existing toolchains and processes, building an end-to-end continuous delivery pipeline is faster and more secure with Azure DevOps technologies. Spend less time maintaining your toolset and more time focusing on customer value. Building, releasing, testing, and monitoring cloud and mobile applications is simple and reliable with DevOps technologies that enable you to continuously deliver innovation using any toolchain.

Find the DevOps product you need

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Serviços de compartilhamento de código, acompanhamento de trabalhos e distribuição de software para equipes Azure DevOps
Create a full continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline with just a few clicks for any application in any language deployed on a variety of Azure services. Azure DevOps Projects
Automatically build, test, distribute, deploy, and monitor iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS apps—all in one place Visual Studio App Center
Set up labs for a classroom, trials, development, or testing Azure Lab Services
Observabilidade completa nos aplicativos, infraestruturas e redes Azure Monitor
Create cloud environments with quick setup, reusable templates, cost management, and integration with existing toolchains Azure DevTest Labs
Optimize app performance at scale with a specialized load testing service built for Azure Teste de Carga do Azure

Saiba como integrar a equipe de segurança com a equipe de DevOps existente

Leia seis dicas para integrar a segurança em suas práticas de DevOps para saber como organizações de ponta implementaram o DevSecOps em seus negócios.

Customers are doing great things with Azure DevOps products