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Management Tools

Manage and secure your hybrid resources with tools built into Azure

Get built-in tools and services that help your system administrators and developers keep applications secure, on-premises and in the cloud. Monitor infrastructure and applications, provision and configure resources, update apps, analyze threats, backup resources, build disaster recovery, apply policies, automate processes, and even manage costs—throughout your IT lifecycle.

Management tools for monitoring

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Get visibility into the status of Azure platform components Azure Monitor
Analyze logs and run queries to troubleshoot operational issues Log Analytics
Use instrument applications to diagnose performance issues Application Insights
Monitor and diagnose network issues Observador de Rede

Management tools for configuration

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Automate, configure, and update your resources Automação
Get personalized recommendations to help manage your Azure environment Azure Advisor
Deploy and manage your Azure resources Azure Resource Manager
Create, maintain, and invoke scheduled work for your apps Agendador
Route incoming traffic for better performance and availability Gerenciador de Tráfego
Manage Azure using a command-line experience Cloud Shell
Manage deployed solutions for your customers Aplicativos Gerenciados do Azure
Personalize and manage your Azure environment Portal do Microsoft Azure
Stay connected to your Azure resources from anywhere at anytime Aplicativo móvel do Azure

Management tools for governance

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Get transparency into what you’re spending on cloud resources Gerenciamento de Custos
Set policies across resources and monitor compliance Política do Azure

Management tools for security and protection

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Back up your resources and protect against data loss Backup
Deliver highly available virtual machines with built-in disaster recovery Recuperação de site
Secure your resources and protect against threats Central de Segurança

Customers are doing great things with Azure management tools

Leading New Zealand university frees IT support for innovation with cloud management

"In the past, if we had a web app that was performing poorly, we would’ve hired an outside vendor to help us. But by using our new monitoring tools, we’re able to get quickly to the root of the problem ourselves. And whenever we make a change, we can monitor it in real time to see the effect. That creates a lot of confidence in our team."
Harry Faas, Associate Director of Business Systems Support

Construction company switches to cloud backup service to better protect data, slash costs

"Even with the cost of adding a Data Protection Manager server to each jobsite, Azure Backup is cheaper than our previous solution—one quarter the cost. The savings increase with every gigabyte of data we add."
Chris Palmer, Solution Architect

Insurance company prepares for the worst with full disaster protection in the cloud

"By using Azure Site Recovery, we are there for our customers when they need us most. If disaster strikes, instead of our business being disabled for three to five days, we can be running again in minutes, with maximum data loss of less than 30 seconds."
Mauricio Caneda, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer