Nihilent Technologies, Inc.

Nihilent Technologies, Inc.

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Nihilent Technologies, Inc., is a leading services and solutions company, with deep experience in data analytics and information management. Nihilent Technologies' rapidly growing BI, SharePoint and Data Science practices help businesses understand and manage their data more effectively, enabling decision makers to drive business performance.

Microsoft Azure Practice:

Know your business completely. To remain competitive, you need to have a 360 degree view of your customers, business model, and operations.

Leverage your complex data with data science to deploy platforms, bots, and analytics to unleash actionable and valuable insights. Take the next giant leap in your data and analytics maturity.

Predictive Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining and traditional Business Intelligence tools…how does it all fit together to meet your needs? Nihilent Technologies' team of data science consultants can help you select the appropriate tools and strategies to meet your needs and realize your opportunities. We’ll help you build a custom solution to meet your specialized needs, and we have experience adapting standardized methodologies to meet the needs of your organization such as:

Align Intelligence and Strategy with Advanced Analytics:

• Know your customer with a 360° view
• Unlock hidden trends, patterns and exceptions
• Understand statistical significance of insights to impact business outcomes
• Powerful data visualizations not available with traditional BI
• Identify hidden business opportunities for improvement
• Reduce time and effort of reporting to find insights
• Understand your brand’s social sentiment
• Maximize your operational capacity
• Transform to a data-driven culture

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