O guia do desenvolvedor para o Azure

Desenvolva no Azure desde o primeiro dia usando cenários comuns de design de aplicativos

Desenvolva em uma plataforma de nuvem que foi projetada para você

In the latest update to the Developer’s Guide to Azure, learn how to get up and running on any project in minutes with fully configured, secure, cloud-hosted development environments. Discover how to get the most from key Azure services to help your organization adapt to rapidly changing business needs.

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Neste guia do desenvolvedor, você aprenderá a:

Quickly build, deploy, and scale your web apps and APIs

Discover how to use Azure App Service with popular frameworks in containers, or running on either Windows or Linux.

Learn how to use deployment slots within different environments. Take advantage of continuous deployment to create a build-test-release pipeline. Use Azure Virtual Network to restrict the exposure of your resources and services to just your applications and not the wider internet.

Meet all your database needs with secure, enterprise-grade services

Choose from a range of database services to fit the needs of file storage, relational databases, NoSQL databases, and even data analytics solutions.

Find out how to identify the right Azure Cosmos DB API based on your data type—including documents, unstructured tables, graphs, and blobs. Learn how to use Azure SQL Database with your favorite tools and how to choose the appropriate service tier based on your requirements.

Transform your apps with AI and machine learning

Integrate machine learning algorithms into your apps by calling APIs and integrating SDKs using Azure Cognitive Services.

Learn how Cognitive Services enables you to process raw data and navigate the conclusions to make key decisions. Train machine learning algorithms using your own custom data. Discover how to easily embed the ability to see, hear, speak, search, understand, and accelerate decision-making into your apps.

Gain visibility and improve your security

Get an overview of your security posture, help protect against threats, and get security recommendations with services such as Azure Security Center.

Learn how to activate Security Center to get unified visibility and control, adaptive threat prevention, and intelligent threat detection—across workloads running at the edge, on-premises, in Azure, and in other clouds. Update, control, monitor, and maintain security over internet-connected devices remotely using Azure Sphere Security Service.

Put DevOps processes to work for your teams

Improve collaboration among development teams throughout the development lifecycle with Azure DevOps and GitHub.

Study a detailed implementation of the various Azure DevOps components. Learn how to use GitHub services, including how to create and track issues and pull requests within a GitHub repository. Explore the rich toolset of Azure Repos to accelerate your Git workflow.

Veja demonstrações e aplicativos do mundo real em ação

Explore step-by-step demos in the guide to:

  • Crie e personalize painéis no portal do Azure e compartilhe-os com os membros da equipe.
  • Crie e implante um aplicativo Web e banco de dados simples do .NET Core usando o portal do Azure.
  • Estenda seu aplicativo para realizar análises de dados usando os Aplicativos Lógicos e os Serviços Cognitivos.
  • Configure a entrega contínua com o GitHub para implantar automaticamente as alterações em um pipeline de entrega contínua, deixando seus aplicativos mais robustos e fáceis de atualizar.

Desenvolva no Azure desde o primeiro dia usando cenários comuns de design de aplicativos

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